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Enjoying crypto and want to know more? Here you will find a selection of recommended resources to further your learning and understanding of all things crypto and blockchain. We have brought together a selection of the highest quality education and training to support your learning needs. Explore our curated selection of online resources, books, journalism, films and podcasts.


Podcasts are a great way to learn and one of the best ways to consume content these days, given our busy lives and schedules. These are some of the best we have found and the ones we listen to for keeping up to speed on all things crypto.

Unchained podcast
Learning about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Unchained Podcast

A no-hype resource for all things crypto, hosted by Laura Shin. Laura is crypto/blockchain journalist and host of both the Unchained and Unconfirmed podcasts. As a former senior editor of Forbes, she was the first mainstream reporter to cover crypto assets full-time. This weekly, hour-long podcast dives deep into the people building the decentralised internet, the details of this technology that could underpin our future, and some of the thorniest topics in crypto, such as regulation, security and privacy.

Learning about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Unconfirmed Podcast

The other podcast hosted by Laura Shin, offering insights and analysis from the top minds in the crypto space. This weekly, 20-minute-long podcast reveals how the marquee names in crypto are reacting to the week’s top headlines and gets the inside scoop on what they see on the horizon.


Videos and online channels offer an excellent medium for learning and research. These are some of the best cryptocurrency news and content channels we have found and the ones we watch regularly for keeping up to speed on all major news and developments in the crypto space.

Learning about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Coinscrum / Markets

With a provenance dating back to 2012 and London's first Bitcoin Meetup, this is an established cryptocurrency network and media outlet. Coinscrum/Markets is a London based channel and offers both interviews with serious players in the crypto space and a round up of each week’s blockchain, digital assets and cryptocurrency headlines. For those who want to take a serious look at the crypto market, Coinscrum/Markets provides a highly credible weekly Cryptocurrency markets insights and analysis show, featuring the leading experts, executives and thought leaders in the digital assets and cryptocurrency markets.

cryptocurrency and blockchain news stories youtube
Learning about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Digital Asset News

Digital Asset News (DAN) is one of the best daily broadcasts out there for the major news stories in the crypto industry, a view supported by the YouTube channel’s 70k+ subscribers. Essentially, by watching this channel, you are getting a well-presented summation of the top cryptocurrency and digital asset stories of the day - in bite-sized pieces. DAN is clearly delivered, supported by a balanced and thorough analysis of the topics covered and will save you time in reading many more articles than you need to in order to keep up to speed with the major movements in the cryptoshere.

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