Getting Started in Crypto

A beginner’s guide to getting started with cryptocurrency

If you are looking to make a start in cryptocurrency, then you have arrived at the right place. The following pages will give beginners (‘Newbies’) a simple and concise overview and guide on how to get started in cryptocurrency. Welcome to the cryptosphere!

First things first, what does “on-ramp” mean?

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‘On-Ramp’ is the term used to describe the deposit of fiat currency (the money we use every day, in local currency) into the ecosystem and enables the conversion of those funds into cryptocurrency. Platforms referred to as ‘on-ramps’ allow you to acquire cryptocurrency and enable your participation in the crypto-economic system. We thought ‘Crypto On-Ramp’ was a suitable name for this website!

What is a cryptocurrency on-ramp?

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Once you have decided to buy some cryptocurrency, step one is to transfer your funds to a platform that will enable you to buy crypto. Transferring your everyday money - such as US dollars, Euros or Pounds - into and out of the crypto-economic system requires the use of cryptocurrency on-ramps and off-ramps. These are the cryptocurrency exchanges that allow the depositing of funds, the transfer into and out of cryptocurrency, and the subsequent withdrawal of those funds.

What is a fiat on-ramp?

Cryptocurrency on-ramp and fiat on-ramp are the same. Fiat on-ramp is the term used to describe a platform that specifically allows you to deposit fiat currency and buy crypto. Not all exchanges allow you to deposit fiat currency; these exchanges require you to fund your account directly with crypto such as Bitcoin, which you can then trade into other altcoins and tokens. To get started in crypto investing, you will need to have an account with a fiat on-ramp.

What does fiat to crypto mean?

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Fiat to crypto describes the transfer of fiat currency, i.e. your everyday money - such as US dollars, Euros or Pounds - into and out of cryptocurrency.

What is a cryptocurrency off-ramp?

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A cryptocurrency off-ramp refers to a cryptocurrency platform or exchange that enables you to transfer your crypto assets back into fiat currency and to withdraw the funds, transferring back into your bank account. A cryptocurrency off-ramp may also offer the possibility of purchasing products, goods or services online. Unlike an on-ramp, which simply facilitates the transfer of money into and out of crypto, an off-ramp can refer to a business that accepts cryptocurrency for products, goods and services in the economy.

A guide to KYC & Identity Verification

Crypto On-Ramp's comprehensive step by step guide for beginners getting into cryptocurrency

Everything you need to know about getting started with cryptocurrency. This is Crypto On-Ramp's comprehensive step by step guide for beginners and newbies entering the exciting world of crypto. 

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